Course Discounts

Money.jpg We have a variety of discounts and reductions available.

Early payment discount

For the school year 2017–2018 you can gain 10% discount for registration and payment by May 15 (or 5% discount for registration and a CZK 500 deposit by June 30).

Combination discount

If you join two or more courses (for example a General English course and a Business English course), you are eligible for a combination discount. You pay the full price only for the most expensive course – for all further courses you pay only 80% for year-round courses (90% in case of a shorter variation of year-long courses) or only 50% for summer courses! There is no combination discount on intensive courses run during the school year.

Loyalty bonus

All our students qualify for a loyalty bonus earned from previous courses studied and paid for. This bonus can be used when paying for future courses and can provide a substantial additional discount. Information on the value of the bonus you qualify for will be given on request.

Recommendation discount

Our students can qualify for an additional 100 CZK discount for each new student they introduce to us (provided of course that they actually join and pay for a course.

And saving the best till last: