Certifikát ESOL 2014.jpg What qualifications can you gain with us?

All our students have the opportunity to study for and take a variety of internationally recognised examinations. The type and level of the appropriate examination will be recommended on the basis of your entrance test, results gained during your studies, and your career aims. Gaining such a qualification is of value both for further study and for your working career. Obviously it also has a motivational effect: providing your studies with a clearly defined short-term goal. Over the lifetime of the school, hundreds of past and present students have taken and passed such examinations. As our student you can sign up for an examination in our office.

Cambridge Examinations

These examinations are normally taken in June or December (although other dates are available). The deadline for applications for the June dates is usually mid-March, and for December normally the beginning of October.
We prepare students for FCE (First Certificate in English), CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) and CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English).

Business English Certificate (BEC)

These are also qualifications from Cambridge University, but concerning Business English. These qualifications do not require knowledge from specific areas of business, but are tests of the practical use of English in international business and associated situations. These examinations are provided at three levels: BEC Preliminary (approximately equivalent to Cambridge PET), BEC Vantage (approximately Cambridge FCE) and BEC Higher (approximately Cambridge CAE).


IELTS is an internationally valid examination, recognised by universities and other higher education institutions throughout the world. It is a highly reliable and professional system which assesses your capacity to study at a higher level or undertake a profession working in English. This examination tests not only your ability to understand and communicate in English but also your capacity to understand demanding academic texts and write essays and reports at the appropriate level.