How We Teach

We specialise in teaching English and Czech for Foreigners. By focussing on these languages only we are able to pay greater attention to the selection of teachers, equipping the school with specialised teaching resources and extending our library. It also allows us to provide greater variety in staffing courses. For these reasons our lessons are more interesting and colourful.

The organisation of teaching

Teaching is supervised by our Director of Studies, whose main task is to coordinate schemes of study and to work with the teaching staff, both as a whole and as individuals to maintain and enhance the quality of teaching. At the start of each school year the Director of Studies organises an induction week for teachers. In the course of the school year all teachers participate in specialised seminars and other forms of in-service training. Less formally, one of the advantages of having a team of professional full-time teachers, working out of one staff-room, is the chance to share their experience and ideas while preparing lessons.

System of teaching

First and foremost our students learn to communicate in a foreign language. We do not work with only one approach. We teach English in a way that is best described as communicative, teaching students to use the language correctly and naturally. Students learn by using the language rather than being taught about it. We do not have Czechs teaching ‘grammar’ and native-speakers delivering ‘conversation’. Our teachers can draw on the whole range of teaching approaches that can be effective in achieving the desired aim. The main emphasis of lessons is speaking and listening skills and vocabulary building. We use only English in the classroom and work only with English textbooks. Students work together some of the time in pairs or groups and use English in real-life situations.

Successful students

Our school has an informal and friendly atmosphere. A successful student is someone with the courage to try a new language and willing to work with other students. A successful student must also be able to work by themselves on occasion as the teacher will sometimes assign written homework tasks.


Our traditional high levels of success of our students when sitting internationally recognized examinations as well as in entrance examinations for a variety of English related courses at university, together with the large number of our students that return to study further with us, are all testimony to the quality of our teaching.


We value our students – never forgetting that you are our customers, paying for our services. We have managed to build up an excellent name in the teaching of English, our most valued asset. We are constantly aware that we can retain this only so long as you are satisfied with us.