Student Comments

‘Without really expecting it, English studies at Brno English Centre significantly helped to improve my communication skills and practically started my successful career in international banking.’

Ing. Petr Krejčí, Senior Account Manager, ING Barings N.V.

‘I enjoyed studying at Brno English Centre very much – I stopped being afraid of speaking English. Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere, I always looked forward to the next lesson – for the whole school year.’

Silvie Kuráňová

‘I appreciate the teaching style at Brno English Centre – especially for its professional approach. Teachers’ behaviour clearly documents their motivation towards their students’ success. Their optimistic and friendly expression, however, is always in balance with thoroughness in their preparation for classes and strictness in the preparation required from us. It is obvious that teaching requires an active approach from students outside the scope of classes taught. The variety of teaching materials is an obvious advantage.’

Ing. Petr Koukal, Českomoravský cement

‘I recommend Brno English Centre wholeheartedly to anyone who does not have time to waste and wants to acquire an enduring knowledge of English. The approach of their teachers compared to other institutions is not only professional, but very rational. In spite of my extremely technical background, the school provided the language skills needed for complex negotiations with English-speaking business counter-parts.’

Ing. Vladimír Hibš, PBS Turbo

‘I like English and I fell in love with it even more after a year of studies at Brno English Centre, especially due to the cordiality and openness of the teachers and the great atmosphere.’

Věra Kovářová

‘Even though language studies depend largely on the individual efforts of each student, good motivation and proper tutoring from teachers is of no less importance. Having a chance to compare it with other two language schools in Brno which I attended previously, I can say that Brno English Centre has teachers on their staff understand their business. This is the reason I have been faithful to the school ever since.’

Hynek Novotný

‘We really appreciate our company course of English. We have a chance to practice conversation, listen to recordings, and there is no way escaping English grammar, which we practice both during our classes and as part of our homework. Our teacher pays proper attention to correcting us and always goes the extra mile to come up with a new and attractive programme in the classroom. Both the course book and additional teaching materials are also attractive and full of articles that are interesting to read. We are fully satisfied and can recommend this course to all students who want to improve their English.’

Jitka Zobačová, Ústav přístrojové techniky AV ČR

‘After more than a year-long business with Brno English Centre, especially with Denisa Petriláková and Alžběta Černušková, I can just confirm the top quality of the teaching management and teachers themselves – both the language and pedagogical skills, flexibility and willingness to adapt the curriculum to the client‘s individual requirements. ’

Ing. Markéta Laifrová, Walter CZ, s.r.o.

‘Very effective teaching methods, and able and communicative teachers – that is what studying at Brno English Centre means. This results in excellent language skills acquired quickly. The people at Brno English Centre put into practice the words of Comenius, father of modern education, that a good learning process feels like a fun game.’

Vladimír Kopeček

‘I chose Brno English Centre after a long-term cooperation with their translators. I was pleased by a high quality of teaching, which I perceive as one of the best in Brno. I do not have much time left for home preparation but even so, I am convinced that it was worthwhile to attend the course. Thanks to professional teachers you take something new from each class and your skills broaden.
I have also attended a month-long English course at The English Language Centre in Bristol, UK with which Brno English Centre co-operates. I was extremely satisfied.’

Karolína Černá, Sewaco, s.r.o.