Luis Rodriguez


Luis was born in Roswell, New Mexico USA and spent a significant portion of his youth in his grandparents’ small village in the mountains of north central Mexico. Since leaving his hometown, Since Luis has a passionate love of travel, he has lived in various places within the US and abroad including Arizona, California, Australia, Scotland, Japan, and Costa Rica. He taught ESL and Spanish in several of these countries. Luis received his CTESOL and Advanced CTESOL from Transworld Schools in San Francisco. He also has a Bachelor and a Master of Arts in Philosophy from San Francisco State University where he taught his own classes in Philosophy and Religion in the last year of his Masters. Luis is studying even in Brno: he is doing his PhD in Religious studies at Masaryk University.

In addition to a love of travel, Luis enjoys dancing and listening to any and all kinds of music, cooking, reading, doing yoga and going to the gym, surfing a bit, and exploring and hiking the great outdoors.