Philip Warwick

philw.pngmap_uk.gif Senior Teacher

Phil is a graduate of the Hastings College of Further Education, where he gained a B-TEC National Diploma in Business Studies. However he has spent most of his working life dealing with English. To teach it, he first gained his Trinity Cert. TESOL, and later also the prestigious Trinity Diploma TESOL. He is now a fully qualified English teacher trainer.

Phil has more than 20 years experience in English teaching acquired on three continents (South America, Asia and Europe). On top of this, he can boast of extensive experience in school management, curriculum planning and methodology. Another large area of Phil’s skills lies in teacher training, which he has done in both the state and private sectors educating teachers from various environments of numerous countries. Phil has taught CELTA courses for teachers in the UK, worked as the Academic Manager in Shanghai (China), as the Chief Director of Studies for all Embassy CES schools in Great Britain, as a teacher and methodologist in Curitiba (Brasil), as a teacher trainer in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and as the main consultant for the further education of teachers for Longman Czech Republic.

Phil is regularly invited as a speaker to conferences and educational programmes throughout Central Europe. He is co-author of several English teacher-training courses, which he helped to develop in the UK, Argentina, China and the Czech Republic. Phil currently divides his time between these activities and teaching for Brno English Centre, which he enjoys the most – as he himself says.

When it comes to free time, Phil prefers to spend time with his family, likes cooking and combining good food with good wine. Books are another beloved area of his.

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