Test Your Level

You can test your level of English here. Remember that the test result provides only partial information as it does not test your speaking or your listening skills. You can test these by visiting us and being interviewed by one of our teachers (English native speakers).

Filling in the test:

  • Remember that the goal is not to achieve the highest score, but to put you in a course that will best suit your level, i.e. you will neither be bored nor stressed there.
  • The test consists of 4 levels, each with 25 multiple-choice questions.
  • The next level opens if you reach the required number of correct answers. (This means that beginners will finish with level 1, while proficient students will have to answer all the 100 questions.
  • Do answer all questions, even if you just guess the correct answer.
  • Do not use textbooks or dictionaries.
  • You have 15 minutes for each level. The remaining time will be displayed in the bottom right corner.

Once you get your result:

  • You can preliminarily choose from our courses corresponding with the level you just achieved (remember, it can be influenced by the result of your entry interview).
  • You can send us your test result together with your identification data. When you then visit us you will not have to fill in the test again, which will save you time.

List of available tests: